4 tips on how to use Generative AI: Our conclusions a year after ChatGPT

As we mark the first anniversary of ChatGPT, one of the most known tools in the landscape of generative AI, we at Cronos Security thought it’s a fitting moment to share some key considerations drawn from our experience with cyber security and with this technology. Here our four essential tips to use GenAI securely and effectively.

Smart usage of AI tools: Practice precise prompting

AI is a great tool to boost your productivity. Utilizing AI for tasks like summarizing, drafting, rephrasing, and generating creative content ideas has significantly boosted productivity across various environments.

The art of prompting will be a crucial skill for the future. Unlike static content of indexed pages accessible through a simple Google search, the finesse of your prompt in GenAI platforms, determines the quality and suitability of the output it will generate for you. However, it’s crucial to remember that the results generated are products of complex mathematical functions; they are creative but not necessarily factual.

Practice precise prompting. Before using the AI, clearly define your goal. This will help in generating more accurate and relevant results. Create a checklist of key points you want the AI to cover or questions you want it to answer. This will guide your prompts and ensure more focused outputs.

Understanding the cost of free services: Regularly review and sanitize your data

We all know it; if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product! When using public and free Large Language Models (LLMs), it’s important to be aware that your data might be utilized for model training or other purposes.

Although you can instruct your team to exclude sensitive data from prompts, maintaining the discipline consistently can be challenging. Opting for a paid version offers additional security assurances. However, remember that you’re still engaging with a third party, so choose your service provider wisely.

Regularly review and sanitize your data. When using free AI services, ensure sensitive information is removed from the data input.

AI as a Copilot

GenAI systems are designed to process and utilize all accessible and permitted information. This means that even in paid versions, you define the scope of the AI’s reach. If you permit queries outside your organization, the AI will use that scope accordingly. Data classification is critical in restricting access to sensitive information and preventing accidental disclosures.

Without proper data classification, the AI might inadvertently access and use confidential or secret data in its responses. Remember, AI strives to provide the best possible output based on the data it can access. If it’s viewable by the AI, it assumes it’s fair game to use.

Implement strict data classification. Use data classification tools to tag sensitive information and prevent its accidental use by AI systems. Set up automatic alerts for any usage of classified data and regularly audit AI-generated content for any potential data breaches.

Balancing security in AI

The foundational research in AI, pioneered by well-intentioned individuals, has brought significant advancements in various fields. However, these tools are now also accessible to those with less noble intentions.

Many vendors are incorporating AI into their solutions, creating powerful components in today’s complex IT landscape. While these integrations enhance detection, response and recovery capabilities, the data exchange between systems still needs refinement.

Despite the allure of AI, it’s crucial to remember that it operates as software on hardware. Whether consuming or building AI solutions, governance and proper management remain paramount. While AI might be the new trend, some aspects of its management remain decidedly old school

Stay informed about AI security developments. Regularly update yourself on the latest AI security measures and incorporate them into your workflow.


Incorporating GenAI into our daily workflows offers immense potential for enhanced productivity and creativity. However, it’s crucial to navigate this landscape with a keen eye on security and ethical use.

By practicing precise prompting, ensuring data hygiene, classifying sensitive information and staying up to date on AI security, we can leverage these powerful tools responsibly. As we continue to explore the boundless possibilities of AI, let’s commit to using this technology smartly, safely and ethically, ensuring its benefits are realized without compromising security or integrity.

Empower your AI with confidence

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