Empowering cybersecurity innovations, together

At Cronos Security, we believe in the power of collective intelligence and collaboration. As a key player in the cybersecurity ecosystem and proud member of the Belgian Cyber Security Coalition, our mission is to share expertise and foster innovation to protect the society at large.

With a deep commitment to sharing knowledge and providing support, we aim to inspire and challenge our partners to achieve excellence in cybersecurity.

We’re not just a network; we’re a movement towards a more secure future.

Academic institutions

  • Support for innovation: Collaborate on cutting-edge research projects with commercial partners to push the boundaries in cybersecurity. We have active partnerships with multiple institutions, where we support spinoffs to mature and incubate their academic idea into a viable product or service.
  • Access to real-world applications: Engage with our comprehensive support system for internships, ensuring your students not only learn but also apply their knowledge in meaningful ways.
  • Sharing of knowledge: We contribute through guest lectures, case studies and other initiatives to close the loop and build the next generation of cyber professionals.
  • Cronos Security Academy: an intense two-year journey within the cyber security wing of The Cronos Group. A program designed to accelerate your professional growth and propel you into a high-impact, long-term cyber security career.

Entrepreneurs and businesses

  • Incubation and business development support: Transform your cybersecurity idea into a profitable business with our dedicated support. Leverage our expertise and network to refine your product, overcome market challenges, and access essential knowledge and resources for your venture’s success.
  • Financial sponsorship and more: Beyond financial assistance, we offer a partnership to revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape together. Get the support you need to turn your innovative ideas into reality.

Non-Profit Organizations

  • Strategic cybersecurity support: As a board member of the Belgian Cyber Security Coalition, Cronos Security is deeply invested in the protection of society. We understand that non-profit organizations are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Our commitment is to safeguard these entities by sharing our extensive knowledge and experience.
  • Building a secure future together: Join us in our mission to make cybersecurity accessible to all sectors of society. By partnering with Cronos Security, your organization benefits from our dedication to innovation, knowledge sharing and the development of secure environments that enable you to focus on the invaluable work you do for our communities.

Why Cronos Security?

We believe that together, we can safeguard the digital future, and that in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, alliances provide the strength, agility and skills needed to prevail.

Fast and extensive support for digital resilience
Flexible operating model, aimed for your success
+250 security experts with +500 certifications
Widest range of technology coverage
European network, local presence

Are you ready to join our collective intelligence initiative?

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